Daughter growing up without her daddy

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I anticipate the day my daughter will come to me and ask where is her daddy or how come she doesn't have one. My boyfriend and I of 7 years had a beautiful baby girl May 11, 2017. Shortly after on July 5, 2017 her father past away. She's three months now I know it'll be some years till I get ask that question but it's something I think about everyday. I just want to know if someone was in the position my daughter is in and how did you feel growing up? Or someone in my position and how you dealt with this situation.


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I'm so sorry to hear that and my heart goes out to you and the baby. My dad died when I was young and probably the social aspect of not having a father was more tough than anything else aside from the affect it had on my mom left to raise 4 small children on her own. Girls growing up without a father figure of some kind makes things challenging when it comes to relationships and choices as women. It's the aftermath, the women we became not growing up with a dad. You have time to complete the family again, and for now I would just love up you and heal you, since that's what will be the most important.

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