Does anyone have any advice on how to quit brestfeeding?

Khristina - posted on 12/10/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




My daughter is 26 months old. I never intended on breastfeeding my daughter this long and I would like to stop but that does'nt seem to be an option. My daughter has NEVER taken a bottle or binky and now she is to old for those anyway. I am a single mom- I am her only caregiver with the exception of my mother for a short few hours a week. We called them mookies from the start not sure why but thats what she calls them. She is obssessed- and it's not for the nourshment anymore just the comfort. And I love that bonding time with her and am going to have a hard time giving it up. The only way I can get her to sleep at night is by brestfeeding. And she wakes up a lot thoughout the night yet- which i'm not sure if is due to a food allergy but i'm looking into that also. I've tried laying her in her bed after she goes to sleep only for her to wake up 2 hours later and want mookies. If I give them to her she immedatly goes right back to sleep. Since I'm a single mom she sleeps with me in my HUGE bed. She has her side of the bed and I have mine. When were out in public I can usualy distract her when she asks for mookies and get her interests in other things but sometimes I can't and she throws HUGE fits and even sometimes pulls my boobs out. She is really posessive and calls them hers and I correct her and tell her they belong to my body and I share them with her. Sorry this is so long- I would like to stop just cause she doesn't need them anymore and it is getting a little old for me. Do you think I should make her sleep in her own bed- does she wake up in the middle of the night simply because she knows i'm there and it's easy accsess to her mookies?? Just wanted to add that I am very a happy I have kept beastfeeding this long. My daughter talks like she is atleast a 4 year old- her knowledge is also up there around the age of 4-5 and i think that is because of all the colin sorry spelling that she gets in the breastmilk. Also she has only been sick once a very soft stomach flu. I've gotten the swine flu twice now and she didn't even get it. And she wasn't even vaccinated. So i'm happy i've kept it up i'm just getting frustrated and I would love to maybe be able to go out and have a drink sometime..haven't in almost 3 years now.. Has anyone else had any similar issues? What did you do?


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Ronda - posted on 01/04/2010




i'm sorry my daughter is only 6 months and took a bottle right away i just thought i would say you are one of the lucky ones to have made it to 2 years!!!

Kelly - posted on 12/19/2009




wow girl, two years? i weaned my daughter at 12 months..and the night time feeding was the last to go. perhaps you can pump so she can still have the familiar as you withdraw on feeding, perhaps a sippy cup of someone shes fond of. find favorite foods too? i know what you mean by loving the bonding, cant think theres anything to ever compare to it. youve gone this long, perhaps the process can take a month. just lay down the law its first thing in the morning and night night time only. soon just nights and perhaps youll be finished all together in just a couple weeks. good luck!! smiles to ya!!

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