dont want my daughter around cheatin ex mistress

Astrid Angelica - posted on 09/23/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




i need some advice and hope i can get some in here... i am recently divorce.... i found out my ex was cheatin on me for 10 months and this was around the time my baby was 4 months old.. he is is still with this woman and i've moved on but we have a problem now abd i will never allow my daughter to be around this woman and he cant get through his head why i wont let her... this woman destroyed my daughters family so why should i allow her to be around her? i am never goin to stop him from seen his daughter n i want him to be a big part of her life but he is makin it way too difficult n now is threating me with courts... do i have a case here? would a court be on my side and restrictd this woman from been anywhere near my child? any advice will be soo appreciated :)


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Maryellen - posted on 09/23/2012




Bobbie is 100% right. I just went thru this last summer. Went to court and was told the same thing. Fortunately, my daughter is 15 and knew the woman because her husband and my ex were best friends, so she was a "friend" too, My daughter put her foot down and will have nothing to do with him. She told him that she wanted to spend time with him but not her. He wouldn't accept that. No contact between the 2 since April - but of course in his eyes, I turned her against him.

Bobbie - posted on 09/23/2012




Sorry to say but you do not have a case. He has a right to have his child in the presence of anyone he chooses. If you had moved on you would not be so angry with her and making effort to keep her away from your daughter.

Remember - HE cheated on you. I can understand why you would not care for her and not wish to run into her or to even see her when you drop off and pick up your child BUT you have no say as to what he does and who he does it with when the child is with him.

If you are unreasonable about her being in your child's life you are actually giving him grounds to take you to court and to win joint or shared custody, or even full custody if you are being really torn up and very unreasonable about your daughter seeing her father.

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