Ex's new wife writing inappropriate Facebook posts about my son!

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I need advice on how to handle this issue I'm in Australia and I don't know what to do how can I protect my child's privacy. the posts are public and reveal sensitive information regarding the custody of my son and his emotional sate and well being... Has any one else experienced this and been able to put a stop to it? If so how?


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I have not my ex and I have no communication what so ever he is abusive and so is his wife so I don't engage with them. I actually commented on it I haven't said a word about anything up until this point but I'm fed up! The wife ended up sending abusive texts...I can't afford to get a lawyer at the moment I was kind of hopeing someone might have some insight and info into the legalities around this kind of thing through there own experience. I am so frustrated I just want my sons privacy to be respected!

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