Explain how can i talk about puberty to my son single mom thing sucks


Kelley - posted on 11/05/2009




I havent quite reached this stage with my son yet, and I too am a single mom. I agree with Lisa, yes there are books out that can be a BIG help on every "talk" subject you need.

Alice - posted on 11/05/2009




Am a single mom too, and it really does suck! Approach this topic as you would any other, openly and honestly...A little at a time..as needed. I found it easier with my girls. As hard as it was I did it. Try and make the time you approach it comfortable when neither of you are stressed, maybe.over pizza...? What I did was just say that I was a little worried about this to him and that I would like to help if he had any issues he wondered about...we went from there.
The book suggestion is good too! you could just pick one up and leave it in his room, and tell him if he has questions its ok to ask.I have 5 kids and with my older ones they always have had the option of notes under my pillow...lol. This sounds bizarre. But I told them if something is too hard or embarrassing to talk about to write it down and leave it under my pillow, and also write whether they wanted a note back or a talk.This has got my family through many difficult subjects...I could write them back and leave it under their pillow with no stress as it would be face to face, or set time aside for a talk, their choice. Some kids are shy about this as are we...that was my way of helping them express themselves...
Anyway I think whatever you chose is good, all communication is good...keep it open...its a battle but that way you stay close to your son...good luck and take care!

Lmf64 - posted on 11/05/2009




There are books geared at different ages of reader explaining what's happening/what's gonna happen to their body during puberty. Okay so that's the technical part. As for the talk, either swallow real hard and bring the topic up to your son (it may take more than once) or have a mature male who your son is likelly to talk to/listen to do the talk for you (again it may take more than one attempt). Good luck.


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