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Marisol - posted on 08/15/2017 ( 1 mom has responded )




Lately I been feeling down. I have history with my baby daddy I even gave him his first son we aren't together and we haven't been since I was 6 months pregnant and our baby boy is now 2. To make the story short my son has a half brother and they're only 9 months apart he isn't with the other girl either but I see he shows more interest in him and asks about the other child. He hasn't asked about mine in 2 weeks and it just hurts. He says he loves them both the same but I see how he treats mine differently. Me and the other baby mama get along fine but I told her I didn't want to know anything about our children's father anymore and not to mention him since it hurts me.


Nicole - posted on 08/28/2017




I understand that kind of hurt. My daughter's father has two other children with his wife and he claims to want to love and be there for them all equally, but he's failed my daughter miserably.
Sometimes he'll call and I'll hear him with his other girls playing or talking to them doing daily things. I'm constantly stabbed and reminded that not only was this man not there to see his daughter born, but he's missing out on vital parts of her life it seems like it doesn't bother him like it should, or like I think that it should.
I would say this, hurt as it may you cannot make someone care more. He either will or he won't. Focus on loving your son so hard it hurts. Teach him as much as possible. Help him to develop into a wonderful person. The stab will eventually come to his father, but by that time your son will be so well adjusted into life that he won't be bothered.

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