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Does everyone have difficulty finding a daycare for their kids that they like when it's time to go back to work? I hate the idea of someone else raising my kids b/c as much time as they spend there that's pretty much what it is. But I know most people don't have a choice. I've been looking into work from home possibilities but some of them are scary! I did find one seminar I'll share with you that seemed interesting that I'm thinking


Amber - posted on 03/26/2009




Every mother has a hard time finding daycare or even leaving there kids with family at first. It does get easier. Finding a daycare you like. Thinking of it as they are raising your kids, no you will never find one that you like cause those are your kids and your there mom. Find one that helps the children learn new things, is fun, and has a good backround and history with children and there parents. Just remember you are there mom and there isn't anyone who can take your place it will get easier. I believe your county social services has a listing of day cares that should be good. I hope you find one that will work for you and your children, if your not sure right away start off slow don't jump into a 40 hour week you can always get more hours later if you would like. Good luck

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