First time potty training... help!

Vanesa - posted on 11/10/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




What is the best way to potty train a boy? He will be 2 in Feb and i just want to get a head start. I know the first step is teaching him to say the right words when he has to go.
Should i buy a potty chair or a a potty seat (and a step stool), or a baby urinal???
P.s. Hes already standing up in the bathtub to pee! My smart! =)


Nicole - posted on 11/10/2009




aww difficult one. i duno about letting him stand up and pee just yet... might make alot of cleaning up for you to do.... but a potty is a good idea. i had two pottys one for the bathroom and one in the room he plays in the most. leave it in both rooms and dont make a big deal out of. i found that the more of a deal you make out of it the less likely they guna go. it wasnt until i stopped trying to make my daughter sit on it that she actually out of the blue started to use it all the time!! my sons 15 months and hes had the potty in the bathroom a few weeks now but isnt old enough to understand but he will let me know when hes ready. my daughter was just over 2 when she started... i got her out of nappys full time once she was old enough to understand me. she used to say look mummy im the same! meaning she had knickers on! your little boy will tell u when hes ready to be potty trained x

Emily - posted on 11/10/2009




A potty is a must or a potty seat to put on the toilet. My friend said pullups were evil and allowed her boy to soak big boy underwear to get him trained....I am not one to put up with the constant clean up from that so I used pulllups. My boy went #2 on the toilet by himself first which is not normal. He's 5 and still wets at night. Pediatrician said with both day and night potty they do it on their own time...some kids are faster than others. If your boy seems ready just every 45 mins to an hr take him to the potty and eventually he will get it. Incentives for early potty successes can help as well (my friend used mnm's). Hope this helps. Ps I was not really hands on but my boy picked it up anyway...they're smart and with little effort from you they'll get it.


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Andrea - posted on 11/11/2009




I never did personally like potty chairs. Some kids think it is more a toy than a toilet! I used a potty seat that goes on the toilet. Get your son familiar with sitting on the toilet to potty..1 and 2. They have splash gaurds on the potty seat for boys. My son did this until he was tall enough to peepee in the toilet standing up. Pull ups are great too! That way if they mess their pants its an easy clean up. From experience, don't stress yourself out over potty training. I did and it was a headache and frustrating everyday. One day my son woke up and said he wanted to wear big boy underwear and it was smooth sailing from there!!!! Get your son familiar with the bathroom and what pee pee and poo poo is. he will eventually get it. I don't believe it is ever too soon to start trying. my son was 18mo. when I started the potty training thing. You can also try using a potty chart! They get excited when they can put a sticker on something to show their accomplishment! Good luck to you!!!!

Amanda - posted on 11/11/2009




I have a four year old boy. He was so funny to potty train. One thing you really need to consider is even though you want a head start is he ready. If they show no interest in it than leave it alone for now. They have to be willing and ready to have it be successful. If he does seem ready than get a potty that goes on the toilet. It always makes tham fill like a BIG boy that they can go on the big potty. emphasize(spelling not my thing) that point everytime. And make the fact that if they do go in the big potty that they get to flush it al gone. My kids always got a kick at of that. Also something to remember is that they may get the whole potty in the toilet thing but remeber to teach them how to wipe properly from the start. It will help alot of yucky mess later in the process. Never give the option of a pull up during the day or at night. Once you start potty training they need to know that the potty is there only option now. From the moment you start ask them every 15 to 30 minutes if they have to go. Maybe even put them on the toilet evey hour even if they say no just to show them ok but if you feel like you have to this is where you come. if you need more info just message me i don't mind.

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