Help!!!!! I'm pregnant again by my ex!!!!

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Well here it is...... I took the test and I am pregnant.... I have an 8 month old son with the same guy.... He never wanted to be with me and I was having a hard time letting go.... I have no idea what I'm going to do.....


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Alice - posted on 05/13/2012




If you choose to keep this baby look at the bright side, atleast they have the same father so they are full siblings!! Me and my DS's dad will have another one together when DS is 4 if we are not with other people!!

Kaley - posted on 05/12/2012




You have three choices, you can choose to parent, to adopt out, or to abort. It is your choice, but if you were to parent and you are low income there are programs such as Cash Aid, WIC, etc. And also programs to help you be more sufficient.Now if you are well off, then you are okay, it all comes down to with what you think is right for YOU with this pregnancy, good luck!

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It's time for you to put the physical/romantic relationship with your ex into the past part of your life and time to move/look forward. Concentrate on having fun with your son and look forward to the birth of your second child. Start making plans for the future (short and long term).

Concentrate on yourself, your son and unborn child for now. Work to creating a stable home life for all three of you. Look at any educational/training courses that you can do, as then you'll have some adult contact, which will be important. Also see what mother and baby groups there are locally to where you are and join one. Having a social life (even if it's Mother and baby groups) means that you will build on the family and friend support network that you need now and in the future. Certainly I've found the most important part of being a Mum is having the friend and family support network that I've got. Sometimes the simplest conversation while having a cup of tea/coffee can mean the difference between an OK week and a brilliant week.

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