hey i was just wondering that my son is 11 months old and cant sit up by him self yet. why is that


Kerri - posted on 04/08/2009




Hi there, you are not alone, my daughter was born preemie, and couldnt do a whole lot like the rest of the babies her age(stages) were going through.

i would highly recommend "birth to three", its a great team of early childhood developement they come out and find out where your sons weakness' are and then help you to help him get to sitting up, crawling etc. my daughter was not walking until she was almost a year and a half old. she wasnt crawling either until over a year old.

again id call birth to three, or it may be called early intervention. you may be able to look them up online, for your area.

they helped my daughter a lot!

i also tried sitting her up in the grocery cart, whenever we went to the store, not allowing her to use the carseat.

she would always push back on me whenever we sat on the floor together, almost like she didnt want to.

again i cannot tell you how important birth to three was to us, if there is something wrong they would beable to tell you, and also work with him, for everything. take care!

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