Holiday Headaches

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Hi, I am a single mom who shares joint custody with my son's daddy. we each get him for a week at a time. He is a great daddy to our son but sometimes i can't stand the things he does.

For instance, we are all originaly from AL, all of our families are still there. I was planning a trip to AL with my son for Thanksgiving, this is my yr to have him, but it was supposed to be his weekend... according to our custody agreement. He had told me several weeks ago that he was fine with us going, that he was staying here. Well earlier this week he got mad when he remember that we were going & he wasn't going to see kaleb for thanksgiving. i compromised & stayed in AR so that He could get him that evening & for his weekend. Come to find out, yesterday, he has purchased tickets to the AR vs LSU game that is in Little Rock on Friday & will be going hunting after that. therefore he will not return home to get Kaleb until Sunday evening. What the heck!?!?!?! dont get me wrong, i'm trilled to have Kaleb for 4 extra days, but how can he go that much longer without him. & how can he thell me that he is mad that he isn't going to have him when the whole time he was planning a trip out of town???? confussing!!!!!


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Hi there!! I had a similar problem with the weekend/holiday weekend thing once. We switch off holidays each year too and do the every other weekend thing. I was planning a trip that fell over a holiday weekend that was the ex's weekend but the holiday was mine. The ex tried to say it didn't matter, that it was his weekend and he was going to take them. yeah that didn't happen. I was told by my lawyer that holidays over rule weekends. If your supposed to have him Thanksgiving holidays and the weekend is his, he is outta luck you get him. Don't feel bad if he doesn't get to see him on the holiday, there will most likely be a holiday in the future where your ex will have your son and he won't be nice and compromise. There is no reason why he can't celebrate turkey day before thursday or after you guys get back. Gotta love men :)

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