how can i be strong for my baby & I?

Abigail - posted on 08/27/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




im only 19 and im 37 weeks pregnant. since i got pregnant my babys father has done nothing but have sex with girls and go out with them leaving me to cry my whole pregnancy. Not to long ago he promised me to stay faithful and that he wanted to start a family, and i recently found his facebook password to realize it was all a lie because he would write to girls for them to call him and text him. now im about to give birth and im so scared because i dont know how to do this and he ruined our lives. & hes mad because my baby will have my last name and i dont want him or his family around me because his dad hates me and i know this because he tells his wife and his son everyday. i been pretty much crying and been alone for nine months with no friends just my mom and i just want to know how can i be strong for my daughter and i?


Ginger - posted on 08/28/2012




Look it is ok to have feelings. It is ok to cry sometimes. But your Mom is right it is important to find a way to look toward something happy. When I was pregnant and alone I would sing. It may not work for you. Also I watched movies and picked out socks for my baby. Comming to terms with your feelings is the best way to begin to find resolution. There is nothing wrong with your baby having you last name in my opinion. Especially since you are taking care of baby without him now and will be the one to take baby to doctor and school. Hopefully your baby daddy will come around and not be such a lame, but at least you know you did what you could to be a good Mom. The fact that you care shows that you are allready a good Mom. Now don't worry about people you can't change and focus on what you can do that is good. Give him the opportunity to do right, but don't count on it. If he does do right all the better.

Being pregnant can cause mood swings and such soo keep that in mind when you are in the throws of a cry fest. Hopefull a funny mood swing will come around and you will laugh a little for crying. Try to find ways to distract yourself.

Good Luck Good Mommy

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