How can I get kailey's D.B.D to sing off on his rights?

Crystal - posted on 01/17/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




Alot of pple have told me the only way he can sign off on his rights to kailey is if im getting married or if my Boyfriend wants to adopt her. Is this true? If so I think that they should change the rules its not fair what if I dont plan on getting married?


Kenyetta - posted on 01/28/2010




I just found this information for you on the internet. I hope this helps you.

Parental Rights and Child Support

That would be the decision of the judge/court of jurisdiction. In most cases signing over physical parental rights does not relieve the parent of their financial obligation unless the other parent agrees. If however, the rights are being relinquished so the child can be adopted, the court will dismiss child support obligations.

And here is more from WikiAnswers contributors:

•You won't have to pay once you are not legally the child's father.

•Some courts do not allow you "to sign over your rights." Meaning, some type of agreement between you and the other parent is meaningless to the court or to the child support enforcement agency. Adoption, however will alieviate child support obligation (but not for any arrearage amount).

•Maybe. Courts are concerned with the child's welfare and nothing else. Whatever is in the best interest of the child, whether it is emotionally, physically, financially, is what will decide how the judge rules.

•If a father signs his child over, and gives him up then NO he does not have to pay child support because he is legally no longer the childs father.

•Make sure all is legal, but a parent can still sign away his rights and in some cases still have to pay child support.

•If Mom agrees to let Dad voluntarily terminate his parental rights, then, no, he won't have to pay child support going forward (but will still have to pay any arrearage unless Mom agrees to forgive it). However, Dad can�t just decide on his own to sign over his rights and discontinue child support.

•No. If he signs over his rights he is also signing away his responsibility. My ex-husband signed over his rights and does not have to pay child support, nor does he have any option to see the children.

•In some states, the courts will not allow you to "sign over your rights." Meaning , signing some type of agreement with the other parent may do nothing as far as the court or the child support enforcement agency is concerned. However, if someone is adopting the child, signing a consent for the adoption (and if the adoption goes through) will end all obligations (but will not get rid of arrearage).

•They don't have to pay C.S., I filed the paper work today for my daughters "Father" sign over his rights. He's never been there in her life, and I know how much the C.S. is hurting him, so I told him fine, I'll do him a favor. So I'm having him sign his rights over. We are still good friends, just the fact that he needs the money more than my daughter and I do.

•If Mom needs Dad's financial support in order to provide for that child, the court is not going to allow him to simply walk away (even if he's willing to give up his parental rights) and leave the child without the financial assistance that's needed. However, if Mom doesn't need Dad's support, and she's willing to agree to allow him to give up his rights and not be responsible for child support, then maybe. But, even in those cases, the courts are sometimes reluctant to allow it, because while Mom may not need Dad's support now, 5 years down the road her situation may change. Research the laws of your state regarding voluntary termination of parental rights.

•NO he signed his rights away meaning he has no obligations to the child or to his survival so no child support sorry!!

•WRONG! He wants to sign over rights just because he does not want to be financially obligated. There are many circumstances that you will have to continue to pay child support. For instance, he owes 10,000$ in back child support and thought that this would be forgiven once everything is finalized. The judge told him in court that he will have to pay the back child support and continuing child support until my husband adopts my son. The reality is, it took 2 people to make the baby, and it will take 2 people to take care of him. Secondly, these rights were given up voluntarilly. So unless a child has 2 people to Legally support him, the court won't allow the child support to be stopped. It is in the child's best interest. This is to prevent single moms from going on welfare and social security. When you sign over rights, its merely rights that you sign over, not always the money. That just means you have no say so when it comes to where the child lives, medical issues, etc.


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Barbara - posted on 11/19/2011




It is not true in most exceptions. Is he from another country, then yes if he is not a citizen he does not fall under US jurisdiction. Is he going to spend the rest of his life in prison?
Then maybe he can denounce the child. Last, if the Paternity test is not a DNA match, he will be off the hook.
The legality of the non-custodial parent denouncing a child at the custodial parents request because of the custodial parent(s) desire to adopt. What the non custodial parent wants is only a factor if he is not a citizen of the US

Jenelle - posted on 01/17/2010




My sister recently had her daughters father sign off all rights and she dosnt have a boyfriend or getting married.

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