how can i get my kids to understand that i am the boss and they are not


Jaclyn - posted on 04/04/2009




I'm sorry i have no real answer for you on how to get them to know you are boss as i am still dealing with the issue myself. However i can tell you that i find it worse the more often he sees his dad. His dad is really good with him but at his house our son is boss so he thinks he can bring it home. I don't know if you children go to their dads house but if they i would talk to him about it. i know my ex is hard to talk to but sometimes i have to just do it. I hope i have helped a bit.


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Joelle - posted on 04/04/2009




Raising children is not just black and white concepts there's a lot of grey area there, I read this somewhere & saw this on nanny 911. Sit your kids down & explained to them how disrespectful it was the way they were talking to you& that as her mother I was not going to continue to allow this, tell them how much you love them & that instead of me always telling them what & when to do things that they have a right to voice their opinions but that I would ultimately make the best decisions for them but they were allowed to discuss the issues with me, they might calmed down a lot more, good luck & 1 more thing you can be their friends as well as their mother :)

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