How do I get help for my 3-year-old son on the Illinois medical card for ADHD?

Leanne - posted on 09/22/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 3-year-old son is showing all of the symptoms of ADHD. It's getting worse, and I need help. It's tearing our family apart, and we're getting evicted because of him. I've talked to his pediatrician, and since we're on state health (Illinois), there's not many options. She referred us to a hospital, who I called and they wouldn't even see him, much less evaluate him, because "we don't see kids that young". I've done my research. I KNOW this is not normal behavior (so please refrain from saying anything like "I'm sure you're exaggerating, normal toddler behavior, blah blah blah"), I've tried everything I can do by myself - he rarely gets sugar, he eats super healthy, I've tired everything and nothihng helps. I need help, and I don't know how to get it for him. I'm not just wanting to put him on meds or anything - I want him to get actual help. Does anyone know what I can do? I live in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. Please please help. It's getting bad, like I said we are getting evicted, he's putting a strain on our relationships, and he's also started hurting my dogs as well as my 5 month old daughter. Someone please help!


Michelle - posted on 09/24/2012




Leanne, in the state of Illinois there are a few different insurances available for kids. If your extremely poor than your son may be eligible or on public aid. For public aid in Illinois there are about 4 different plans, depending on which plan you picked your son should be allowed to go to any hospital in Illinois. However you must pick the plan where your pay small copays and the copays are extremely cheap and anywhere from $2 to $3 for doctors’ visits or prescription drugs if ever needed. This is important because most specialty doctors will only accept this plan. Also if your son ever needed to be hospitalized his stay would never go past $100.00. If you’re on state insurance aka ALLKIDS in Illinois your son should also be allowed to go to any hospital in the state of Illinois.

If I were you I’d visit your local Department of Human and Health services office to sign up for this public aid option, and you should also be eligible for food stamps. Once you do that you should be mailed a packet where you can pick your plan, there’s also workers who give you doctors in your area or anywhere in Illinois that accept this state insurance. From there you should be able to find a specialist for your son. Lastly, try calling 1800-KIDS-DOC, this is the number to children’s memorial hospital and they’re very good, someone should help assist you in finding a doctor who takes your insurance. Try switching to this public aid option if you’re not already on it, times are hard and assistance should be used if you need it. I hope this helps you and in the meantime I hope everything gets better with you and your son.

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