How do I get my 9 yr old boy to want to play with hisn 3 yr old brother, instead of fighting?


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Shannon - posted on 02/09/2009




Thanks for the info, it made alot of sense.  Its nice to get a third parties opinion.

Robin - posted on 02/07/2009




Im not 100% sure how you would do this maybe your 9 year old is hurt because he has had you all to him self for how many yeah and all he know how to do is fight becuase hes not getting you all to him self i would try playing with them showing him its fun to play with his little brother, you and your boys do fun things to gether and sometime do things with just your 9 year old and maybe talk to him about why hes always picking on his younger brother. I am in the same boat kind of my 3 year old son is always picking on his little cousin and sometime he will play with her when someone else is playing with them to like me or his auntie or uncles it kind of helps

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