How do I get my child to eat vegetable


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Claire - posted on 01/09/2010




i puree veggies up and mix it in to pasta sauses lasagne etc my 2 love roasted veggies in chunks and the veggies are slightly sweeter when roasted!

Renee - posted on 01/09/2010




There are so many wonderful suggestions offered. I personally think the key point, is to make eating an enjoyable experience and not let the experience develop into a battle of the wills. They'll only learn more quickly how to fight back at meal times as well as at other times.

Hiding veggies in other foods is a good idea to get them into their bodies, but I never liked to rely solely on that. My ultimate goal was to get them to accept the food and develop a taste for the food. Like Sarah suggested, carrot & celery sticks with what I called "fun" dip (ranch dressing)...was a great snack for them. I later added broccoli & cauliflower pieces. Be as creative as you can. When my first 2 sons were younger, they were very much into dinosaurs and a movie called "Little Foot". The characters ate from trees. I'd challenge my little dinosaur boys to eat their dinosaur trees so they could grow as big as a dinosaur. They loved the idea and wouldn't hesitate. Today, broccoli is one of their favorite veggies whether cooked or raw. As they were introduced to new foods, I made it clear that I wouldn't fight with them and make them sit in front of a plate all night til they ate it. I would however, insist that my rule was for them to at least "try" it. I defined what I meant "trying" to involve. The first time was to get by the experience...and was usually clouded with their preconceived notions of not liking it. So trying would always involved a second effort. I never gave them a large volume of the item. A tablespoon of a new veggie was good enough. I refused to fight with a little kid during meal time and make everyone's meal a horrible experience. If they didn't try it that time, I'd simply store and save for the next meal. I would continue to put that veggie on their plates until both efforts were successfully completed. All of them will eat almost all veggies now except for beets. Try new recipes for preparing various veggies. Green beans cooked in chicken broth is a great idea from Sarah...i used chicken broth to boil down cabbage and my kids love it! They prefer green beans when I sautee chopped bacon & onions and then add green beans and water and bring to a boil. This is another favorite. Try a variety of recipes for your veggies. Patience and persistence seemed to pay off in this department. At the same time, I also made some concessions. I accepted the fact that there were just going to be some foods that one or more of them simply wouldn't like. And that's okay. It wouldn't be the end of the world. To this day, I have 4 healthy boys that are not overweight and eat all things I put on their plates. Only one of my 4 sons has a complete dislike for "most" fish meals. He has so far, discovered he can handle eating at least 3 or 4 different seafood dishes. He doesn't resist trying new things, but he may never be a big fish eater in the future. It won't be the end of the world if he doesn't eat a variety of fish. Most of all, I'd say make the eating experience a pleasant one. Good luck! :)

Kay - posted on 01/08/2010




mix them in with other food. I have found spinach (chopped up very fine) mixes great in spaghetti sauce and ground meat (and all the kids eat it and love it). Deceptively Delicious has lots of recipes with veggie purees that kids never know are there. (including brownies and cookies). I have put cauliflower puree in hamburger, not even the adults knew, and they were super moist.

Sarah - posted on 01/08/2010




Try carrot sticks and celery sticks etc with ranch.
Give them that V8 splash stuff
My kids love canned asperagus
One of our favs is green beans cooked in chicken broth
My kids both love a salad with balsamic vinegar mixed with mayo as a dressing

Patricia - posted on 01/08/2010




well, well, my experience with my daughter is that you just have to make it fun, were are the super hero muscles sit and have it with them not just tell them to have it.if they have a little ask them to show you thier muscle, hmmmmmm, make funny shape vegies with biscuts cutters make it appealing in the plate for then to be attracted to it.

Emily - posted on 01/08/2010




dont give them anything else until they do. if they dont eat veges for dinner put them in the fridge and reheat for breakky. if they don't eat them for breakky don't give them any thing else and they will soon be hungry enough to eat whatever you put in front of them.

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