How do I handle the young adult child that thinks she knows it all and lacks respect for her on and only parent. The father and dad (different people) have not been involved much yet openly take credit, that bites.


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Melanie - posted on 06/09/2009




great question !!!! I have a 16yr old daughter who thinks she is better than every other human out there & knows more than all of us... I have been told patience & not to much pressure where it can been avoided helps.....I must say we are in Sydney & not long ago it did get 2 much (she ran away cause she couldn't hang out with 18 yr olds) 4 me so I sent her away 2 my mothers in the country & since she has been back she seems 2 be a little more respectful of the things i do 4 her in her day 2 day life & has relised hey mum does it all on her own 4 me (even though I do have a partner) I have been told some horror stories from people about there teenagers but it is that stage that we all go through & it will pass (although it doesn't feel like it right now lol).

Hang in there you are not alone !

Stacy - posted on 06/09/2009




Patience.. Patience.. Patience! My son and I went through a very rough time a few years ago after being so close it ripped my heart out to be at each other this way. I do approve of his friends (nice if not a bit different looking) so I was comfortable with who he was hanging out with even when we didn't get along. Family & Individual Counseling helped us a lot - for short periods of time (my ins. would only cover 1 session every 3 weeks) but in my case, the bottom line was following through with the consequences for his actions. I honestly think my son spent most of his school year one year without ANYTHING (cellphone, house phone, computer, video games, etc..) as well as being grounded. That and I sent him to a military school for summer school in GA (we live in NJ) because despite repeated threats, he still flunked out in school.

From day 1, it has been just him and I, so I feel for you. If you taught them all the right things their whole lives, eventually they will come around (and surprise you with just how much they listened to you even when you thought they weren't!)

Hope, Patience & Good Luck Tamara!


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