how do i take the dummy away

Samantha - posted on 02/21/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




my son wikll not go without his dummy his nearly 2 nd still has to have it in his mouth 24/7 he aint even talking good yet i think it coz he always has his dummy in his mouth


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What I've heard works the best most often (keep in mind every baby is different just like every mom is too) is to just pitch it, if its time its time and you'll know when its time. a lot of people face this problem so there are a lot of ways to go about it but honestly if nothing else works just toss it, oh he'll have an issue with it but from my experience it was two days of oober cranky and then nothing and I didn't have to worry about it again. It's more difficult as they get older in some ways they're more attached but in other ways they can comprehend it a little bit better. some people will damage it to make it less apealing to the child I don't personally agree with it but there were quite a few moms who said it was the only way. and there is of course what she said about phasing it out, it may take longer but its a softer, less extreme way to get the dummy gone and that has worked for a few moms I kno too. It all depends on you, just stick to your guns with watever method you choose. best of luck!

Vicki - posted on 02/24/2009




Hi, i got rid of my boys dummy in stages obv its a lot harder to get rid of it durin the night as they cant sleep with out it , so i started with getting it off him durin the day.

Find activities that he likes doing and if he drops or puts it down for a second, grab it without getting his attention then just try n keep him amused so he doesnt think about it, and gradually he will go longer n longer with out realising its gone, Make a point of not listening to him when he has the dummy in his mouth too, and say i cant understand when you have the dummy in your mouth.Do things that are not possible if they have the dummy like blowing bubbles, singing songs, my son just like us pulling funny faces in the mirror!!

Once you've phased it out during the day its a lot easier to get rid of at night, as after a while you will just find the dummy in the bed where its fallen out, when i got to that point my son had two favorite dummies, so one broke, and i explained to him it had to go in the bin as it was broke and he only had one left, and when that gets broken it will have to go in the bin too. With a lil help ffrom a pair of scissors ( i know evil mum!!) his last one broke and he put it in the bin himself!!

Hope this helps you!

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