how do i tell my son he's dad's not coming back?


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Vanessa - posted on 12/10/2010




I never lied to my son (who at the time was 4). I gave him the watered down version, which was similar to
"Daddy has made a choice to live with another lady called Erica. He has decided that the best place for you to be is with me and he will visit sometimes. He loves you very much, but has made his choice to move away from mummy. We my not like his choice, but we do have to respect it."
But my household has always been very pro-choice and my son was raised knowing that the only person in charge of his actions was himself and no one else. Which is why he understood my reasoning and explanation.
It doesn't mean I didn't hold him as he cried, but he understood that it had nothing to do with himself - only daddy.
Daddy has since relinquished all parental rights and f*&ked off for good with his bikini-clad fake breasted promo-girl. Good for him, my son is sooo much happier and well adjusted now ----- good luck, it's not easy, but you'll get through it!

Gem - posted on 12/10/2010




we've been separated for two years because he left us for another girl.. my only concern because when he calls he keeps on promising him he'd come home but never did... i don't know how to explain it to my 6 year-old son. i always cover up for him and i became a liar to my son for covering up for him. it still hurts because my son needs him but he's with his mistress and his mistress daughter from a former relationship...

Brenda - posted on 12/04/2010




Where did he go? it all depends on the situation..if he moved somewhere else, then just explain to him that people live on different places and his dad has a different home, if he died (I hope not) then you need to have a dead talk with him, but a picture for him to watch or the fact that people can still watch us from heaven might help him until he understands dead... if he left to go have another family then , well let him know that father is not ready to be around you guys for now but maybe in the future he can go and visit him or the dad may actually end up been around more than you expect..gosh I hope I helped!! Good luck

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