how do people cope with the so called terrible two's?

Elizabeth - posted on 03/10/2009 ( 7 moms have responded )




my lttle girl just ignores me at the moment and she also seems to go two steps back like turning the tv off, playing with the house phone etc,what can i do


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Sheena - posted on 03/18/2009




Patience is the number one way to deal with terrible two's. A sense of humor helps. It will get better. When my daughter was two I think I counted to 10 every five minutes. What I learned was the things that I disliked most about this stage is the things I remember most about her. She still has some of those qualities today but I really admire her strong will and how she knows what she wants.

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my son is 3 this week,and since he was able to walk at 10 mths he has been an absolute nightmare,sometimes i feel im losing the plot so when im feeling low with my son i leave the room and chill for a couple of minutes in till im all calmed again,but the best way if there being naughty is ignore the bad and praise the good he is realising slowly that it is good when he gets praised for being good but be patient with them

Laetitia - posted on 03/18/2009




We're all going through the same experience. They're just seeking our constant attention! If you're doingsoething else and your eyes are not on him, he'll start do something crazy. First thing I do in my case is shouting but that's what he wants because at least i stopped doing whatever i was doing then he had all of my attention even though i wasn't happy with the situation. So just give him/her lots of activities to do. If he cries for nothing just let him cry, he'll stop or will fall asleep. Sometimes when he gets really naughty, i just put him in his bed, and let him cry until he calms down, might fall asleep as well, but when he gets up, everything goes well. Before he gets down you just explain that if he starts again he goes back to bed or naughty chair/corner or anythhing you know he doesn't like.

We're not evil, we're just trying to do the right thing as they grow up really fast. Don't think you're the bad person. We learn every day. :-))

Good luck to all and terrible twos are not that terrible ;-)


Alexis - posted on 03/17/2009





dont you love the terrible twos...

i have a son going through the horrible threes and another son going throught he terrible twos along with a hormonal 17yo son...oh the stresses that it brings to the house....

but anyway, i have found that if you give your little one time out when she has been really naughty then this helps, i ignore a lot of the tantrums, if you dont react then it seems to difuse it reasonably quick. especially out in public, i stand there and look them as they chuck a wobble in the grocery store and they soon get over it....

but it is a trying time, i use reward charts and really focus on what the issue is and i try to be consistant with them.....

it is hard when you are doing it on your own, sometimes i wonder how on earth i get through the day.....

good luck.... it will get better.....

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Hi Elizabeth,
Take a deep breath! My mantra is 'embrace every stage', even this one! Shelly has it bang on when she mentions the big person that exists inside of your little girl. Think of her as your precious little lady. Every thing is a compromise...unplug the phone, the tv, or one day when you have a teenager like me the internet...all of a sudden our little ladies are all ears...and no yelling, and not too wordy...she'll only hear the first five words then it's shut down time again. Short and sweet, and please and thank you, and now I'll plug that back in for you my little lady.

I miss the two's! Embrace every stage...I'm embracing 14..or at least I keep trying my hardest to. Time goes by so fast...the hugs the kisses, the warm soft cheeks...have to go kiss, hug, and hold mine now...Think she'll give me 30 seconds before she gets weirded out...???

Take care,

Adele - posted on 03/10/2009




well jus ignore her when she talks to you and ask her if she likes it, plug the house phone out and she will realise that it dont work and she will stop playing with it, jus turn it back on her it sounds bad but she will get the hang of it and stop doing it or not do it as much

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The horror stories about the terrible twos makes it seem like a child turns into some crazy out-of-control maniac, lol...My kids have been exactly the same from the time they were born as they are today (now 21 and 19) - I had to learn what worked for them and then stay with that. I could not discipline them the same because they were different. (VERY) different...

Inside every littler person is a big one who needs direction, discipline, excersise, love and a schedual that they can count on. As Moms, we have about six years to teach the basics like respect, cooperation and appropriate behavior. After about age six, if you dont have a good system - thats when it starts getting really out-of-control. If you take one day at a time and make it clear to the child each day what the plan is. you will find that its easier to handle than trying to run after a two year old who doesn't understand what you want him/her to do. Its very important to be consistant...(yet flexible)~ hope that helps you

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