how do u deal with a tennager anda 6 yr old together please advice any1

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im trying to deal with my daughter who has just started high school and she has changed so much t seems to have happened ova night and i have a poor 6 yr old who needs my attention just as much what does anyone suggest i do?????


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Tina - posted on 04/16/2009




Been there ... done that.  My daughter is now 21, but the high school years were the hardest.  The biggest adivce that I can give is to "remain the boss" and "go with your gut instinct".  They are trying their ground of independence and push comes to shove.   I'm a single mom and my kids are 6 years apart.  I was also dealing with my youngest with learning difficulties.  I would let things slide with my daughter. 

She would tell me that she was going to someone's house and I believed her.  Pick up the phone and communicate with the other parent.  She will be less likely to pull the wool over your eyes. 

My son is in high school now and I take the time to double check.  Good Luck!

Chris - posted on 04/16/2009




I can definately relate to this conversation. My oldest is almost 21 and married. I'm a single mom with 5 of my 6 kids still at home. They range from 19,16, twins almost 15, and a 4 yr old son. Some days are good and other days you feel like pulling your hair out because you cant satisfy them all. You can reach me at my facebook, or

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