how do you cope with work 4 kids school and two teenager going crazy and have not had a date in 10 months


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Azucena - posted on 04/12/2009




I have two kids which makes things more manageable but I decided to make some time for myself and my fiance once a month. It was hard to rely on family members to help out so I decided to hire someone to care for them. So my suggestion is this...divide and conquer...get someone to watch your two smaller children and make a deal with your teenagers. They get to go out with their friends on your day out as long as they do what they need around the house. Sounds easier said than done but maybe they can help you come out with a good plan that works for you and them on the day you get to do what you need for yourself.

Good luck

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not to sure on this one i have part time job and 6 kids 3 little ones and 3 teenagers 2 of which are girls 1 is 17 and thinks she knows everything trys tellin me who and when i can see them it is hard i feel like a prisoner

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