How do you get a child to stop peeing in bed?

MELISSA - posted on 02/23/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




My son is 6 years old, ive tried everything from no liquids after 6pm and peeing before bed and he still pee's in bed everynight !


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Joanne - posted on 02/24/2010




i used to di it and its good.....wet a towel before yr child goes to bed and put it in his or her bed so when they go in bed they feel it wet and call u to c what wrong dnt do panicing things tell them that a normal thing that happens to u and tell them that if they dnt want it wet they should get up when in need of wee wee....btw for the first times put a po or a bucket near bed and soon ill assure u they ll start going in bathroom as they feel ashamed of doing it in po or bucket...take care

Evie - posted on 02/24/2010




I dont believe he is doing it on purpose, I dont know that it can be checked or how but I've often heard that this is caused by the bladder not keeping up with the childs growing body.

Lori - posted on 02/24/2010




Hang in there. Kids are all different and do things in their own time. Make sure not to belittle your son about this issue. Embaressment can make this continue longer than it would otherwise.

In addition to limiting his fluid intake before bed and making himuse the restroom are you having him take care of his own clothing and linens? If not have him stripp his bed and put on new sheets in the morning and put solied linen and clothes in specified spot/container. Refrain from making this a punishment. Explain this as just what needs to be done. If the child needs help changing their sheets do so. Just do not do it all for them unless they truly are incapable of at least helping. At six they should be more than able to help. As said this is not to be a punishment so do not treat it as such.

Give your son rewards for nights that he is successful in not wetting the bed. Be very suppostive and encouraging. Let him know that you believe in him and he should too. Explain that no matter what you love him.

Just to be sure there is no physical problem consult with your pediatrician. Again try to do this in a manner that will be the least embaressing for your son. If you can explain the problem to the doctor without your son in the room to over hear, that may be beneficial. Self esteem is such a big factor in bed wetting. Last thing you want to do is stigmatize them over this. They have enough self empossed shame over this issue with out anyone else adding to it.

Hang in there! Your son's issue is not so bad and and very common. It will resolve itself over time with love, understanding, and patients as long as there is no physical/medical issue causing this.

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