How do you get your child to stop telling you NO!!?


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Muriel - posted on 04/06/2009




I would have to agree at being persistant and showing your child who is boss. My child used to be wonderful for "Time-Out"...but when one of the parents is at a different page it gets tough. Apparently she has different rules at her father's house. I put my foot down no matter what. I also take away privileges, like toys, tv time, etc and explain to my child why these things are being taken away from and put her on the NAUGHTY CORNER. She tries to get out of it, but I stick to the punishment. Amazingly she apologizes to me without me having to ask her when she is done with "Time-Out." It's easy to give in to crying, so just stick to your guns. If we can't control them now, how will we ever deal with them as teenagers? Whew!!!

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You have to become a broken record and stay consistant telling them we dont say no we say yes mam. Depends on the age of the child, but time out works

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