how do you make time for your little ones and work and go to school


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Heather - posted on 03/06/2009




I as well was working full time and going to school and had the same quilt of not spending time with my boys. Depending on how old your children are what I find to be fun for my boys and a way that I feel is spending time with them is having them help while you cook dinner, or help them with your school work such as if they are old enough to type or write something down for you ect... If they are way young just having them by your side during any free time. I have down to where I don't do any work until after they go to bed it makes it for a long night but I have gotten use to it

Linh - posted on 03/06/2009




I know someone who balances this very well and she is also on a tight budget. She was able to find a very affordable babysitter, who also does housekeeping. The woman was a very intelligent immigrant who had to wait a few years before she could get her documents in order to find work in her profession. I know that most women would feel guilty spending money for what in the past has been done only by the well-to-do, but if you can get over it, then you have more time with your kids by not doing housechores, which isn't really appreciated by your kids anyway cause they just want more time with Mom.

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Same thing here I'm in school and I was feeling like the only time Aiden and I had was rushing to and from school, eating supper give him a bath and go to bed. Even our weekends weren't really ours because of visitation with my ex and his family and on the off chance we had some time to ourselves there was my family wanting to see Aiden too. I got some advice on here and what has helped the most was just to make the mundane tasks like eating supper more fun and having those moments be our time. It didn't seem like enough at first but now on the off weekend I get him to myself we spend time that way too. It's hard when you don't get to see your wee one very much because of scheduling but I just try to make each moment better. We do small little things like make jello or colour during the week and I try to take him for walks on the weekend. I was told it wont always be like this which was comforting and once you have a good system in place you'll find you end up with more time to spend with the little one. Best of luck!

Dorota - posted on 02/28/2009




I'm in the same situation as you right now - work full time, study via correspondence (20 hrs a week) and try to make as much time as possible with my 5 year old. It's hard, but you need to focus on your overall objective - your kids will be better off once you've completed your schooling. However, I have decided to downsize my annual course load so it'll take me longer to get my degree but my son won't be little forever and I do want to spend time with him and make sure he has memories with me while he is young. In my situation I have no one to really rely on for help and my son has told me numerous times that all I do is study, but he takes in every moment that I do spend with him. I found that I go to work all day, spend some time with him when we get home and once he's off to bed I study all night. Weekends are harder because he wants to play all the time but I need time to study too and catch up on studies, so I try to devote certain times of the day to studying on the weekends and having fun with him too. If you ever need to talk just holla.

Pam - posted on 02/28/2009




Hey there Jenneica. I had the same problem a couple of years ago trying to juggle study, work and my children all at the same time. it depends on your situation however. I used to put my children to bed after spending all night with them and then study. Then when they went to school i would be at work. In the weekends ithen used to dedicate one day to my children and the other day i would set up fun activities for them to do. It normally worked out pretty well, however if something really important came up to do with my kids then i would drop everything. You only get to be a mother once and so enjoy it. I am sure you will find a resolution.

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