How hard is it on a bad day?


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Emma - posted on 04/18/2009




Bad days are very trying. I am a student and a solo parent to my nearly 4 year old and its tough. we are on a tight budget all the time. I have assignments up to my ears, I have housework to do and somewhere in all that i have to try give my son the attention he deserves. Its really hard some days. It just all bulids up and hits me all of a sudden one day and i just burst into tears . Its worse because i don't know anyone who can relate to me, and who even acknowledges that my life is hard. Its horrible when people judge you you feel like screaming at them that your doing the best you can!

Heather - posted on 04/16/2009




I call it the roller coaster of life with no way off. Theres our ups and downs, spins and turns, upside downs and inverted!! Some days its funner then He!! but then others days you are begging for thngs to slow down or to let you off. But at the end of each day when you crawl into bed and you close your eyes and reflect on the day, each day has to have at least one good thing that happened in it cherrish the little things and be blessed to have all that you have even when times are rough!!!

"Life is like playing a violin in public and learning the instrument as one goes on. "

Jill - posted on 04/16/2009




Days like yesterday are terrible. I was in school until 4:30pm (from 8:30am), had to go to the mechanic to get a new alternator and battery and oil change that I really couldn't afford, picked up DD at 6:30, came home and hurriedly ate dinner, and then she was a terror bouncing off the walls. She could NOT sit still for the life of her and I was getting frustrated with her. Then I cried because she pretended she was me leaving to go to school. I hate that I have to leave her and just felt like a crappy mom yesterday for being away all day and then getting mad at her. Ahh the joys of being a single mom!

Kirsty - posted on 04/16/2009




Its probably the most trying and frustrating things ever.i often sit the bottom of the shower bawling my eyes out under the hot steamy water just to escape for 5mins or so-often this doesnt help bcoz my 2yr old will sit on the bathroom floor screaming or start headbutting the glass shower door-but i just take a good 5or so deep breaths nd get on with it bcoz i know deep down it will get easier and a stressed out mummy equals a stressed out baby, so the best thing to do is get calm again nd things wont seem so bad.

Rachel - posted on 04/15/2009




Somedays I just cry....and it feels like it will never stop. I look at my little pudgey and know that I love her....but I still doubt my ability to raise her alone on certain days. Of course they aren't all like that. Most days I am happy and fairly content with our situation. You just have to keep on chuggin' through the bad times. It will probably always be hard but at the same time it's worth it to see that little boo grow up!

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