How is that we are hardly ever thanked?


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Rebecca - posted on 05/03/2009




I wonder if I am appreciated. but i just don't see it... Like, maybe they have their own way of expressing it, and I'm not seeing it??? The only thing i can truly say is that when I am in silent mode and not responsive, they notice and that gets me the desired goal... But still, why let it get that far?

Patty - posted on 05/02/2009




Unfortunately I am still waiting for that one and I've been raising my son on my own for 16 years. I think that the best thanks that you can get is the little things that our children do like come up and hug us for no reason or when they just tell you out of the blue that they love you. It wasn't until recently that a co-worker and I were talking about all the single moms in this country working 2 or 3 jobs just to make ends meet and still being able to raise children that it made him stop and think about how lucky he was to have both parents and how he has his wife to help raise the kids. He then expressed how much he admires all of us single mothers who go through what we do to provide for our kids and is really impressed that we find the strength to keep moving forward and not give up. Keep your head up! Your children will thank you when they get older...I know it's not exactly what you'd like to hear but when you see them graduate high school, maybe college, and get married and they are fine young men or'll be so proud of what they have become and even more proud that they succeeded because you never gave up and you raised them with all the love and attention that they needed! I pray showers of blessings upon you and your child(ren) and I also pray for grace, peace, and mercy on your household and a hedge of protection around you and your family at all times! God bless!

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