How many single moms have decided to move States/provinces

Trish - posted on 02/22/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




In brief my story if my ex decided to leave me for a 19 y-o dancer (not a stripper) when our daughter was 3. I owned the house in a high value area and decided to sell and move from BC to Ontario to give my daughter a stable life and one where Mommy is around instead of working two jobs, stressed out and broke.
We have an amazing life in Ontario, I am a SAHM, my own business which I work from home and lots of close family near by.
I often encounter the question of, "how can you move your daughter so far away from her dad?" I respond by saying to give her the life she deserves.
So how many of you have moved away from your ex?
BTW, My ex can see our daughter whenever he wants, he is not a bad guy, pays "some" support but still likes to make my life hell!


Emily - posted on 02/22/2009




I recently moved from New Jersey to Pennsylvania. Not a big move at all, only about 30 minutes away and I'm still working the same job, it's just that cost of living is better and I don't need a roommate to help make ends meet! The ex (who, unlike your ex, does NOT pay support and never sees his child) tried to give me a hard time about the move... until I reminded him that he's in London and never sees her anyway!


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Amanda - posted on 02/24/2009




I moved within the same province, but to a city 6 hours away from my ex. and it was his idea. He actually told me to take our son and leave so i can go to school and have my parents for support.

Desiree - posted on 02/22/2009




I moved from california to georgia. My baby's dad has been in and out as he sees fit. So when I got accepted to a university out there he quickly saw fit to tell his whole family that I was stealing "our" son.

I left, because in my eyes what is best for me is best for my son. I told that dead beat he could have him every break and summer. He didnt even call. I think as a single parent you have to think about yourself and your child. If he is so concerned about being close he will do whatever it takes to be near him. As far as others are concern I just turned a deaf ear. Good luck and stay strong!!!!

Marie - posted on 02/22/2009




How did you do it, i would love to move from ontario back home to nova scotia but i dont think my sons dad will let me, its so expensive to live here compared to back home. and i dont have anybody here to support me or help, my mom lives in oshawa but she is very sick other than that i have nobody here to make me want to stay, how did you do it, is it even worth me tryin to do it?

Alba - posted on 02/22/2009




ok so hea is MY dilema:

I live in Massachusetts now and im currently engaged to da most wonderful man dat currently lives in California. I would luv to move to cali and live my life there. Im still battling court wit my daughters father right now. I have both physical and legal custody of my daughter but if i take my daughter out of state i have to go to court and ask both the court and her father if i can. I know he LOVES to make my life a living hell so he is going to fight it, though he comes in and out of her life. i think by me moving Massachusetts ill find a better life and better opportunities. I can get a job transfer and my fiance has a great job over there already. We also have the possibility of moving to Texas in which my fiances father is willing to give us one of his house in which we dont eva have to pay fo anything. UURRGGGG....i dont know wat to do!

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