how old do you have to be to be a mam


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Sigrid - posted on 05/02/2009




I agree with both Miranda and Samantha... there is no specific age for mothering... however, besides the PSYCHOLOGICAL & EMOTIONAL readiness, you also have to consider your BIOLOGICAL and/or MEDICAL condition. There are consequences to EARLY as well as LATE childbirths. These things eventually take a toll on women's health... the reason you need to be psychologically and emotionally ready is for you to be ABLE to GIVE more of yourself to your child...

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I didnt know there was an age, I think a person if they are planning it should be married and financially ready, I dont mean be rich, but not so strapped for cash they cant provide for the child.

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old enough to understand that having a child is not an accesory and it is there to be loved not abused.

Samantha - posted on 05/01/2009




I don't think age is as much a factor as maturity and ability to handle the responsibility. If you are able to put another person and their well-being above your own, and if you are willing to work harder than you have at anything else in your life, I think you are capable of being a mom.

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