how to deal with a introvert 14yr. old


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Robin - posted on 02/11/2009




I have a 17yrs old son. And I had to make sure to be involved with my son life all the time. Most important at this age is friends, friends, friends. If your child don't have any friends or any close friends at this stage... then life feels very alone. So maybe you have to invite your 14 friends over? or volenteer to take your 14 and friends to a place they want to hang out. Or let then go to group dances? Any healthy social enviroment will help. At this age being accepted and loved by friends there age is most important. If your child is introverted, then something happen between his/her friends or they don't have any. You need to help assist your child to make new friends or develop deeper friendship that will last. As the older they get, the more tough peer pressure to join drugs or act out in violence. I at the time my son started another new school, so I volenteer to take my son and friends to different skateboarding parks or sk8 spots. So I helped my son develope a healthy relationship with his friends. Now this friendship he developed at 14 is still friends at 17yrs. So find out what is imporant to your child and let them hang out. Weekends work best and after school. Now I at the time I was mostly just the driver, but I got to watch from a distance my son and his friends skateboard. Plus I knew what they were doing at all times + plus in the car I got to know his friends too by asking questions and listening. Plus I pick them up and drop his friends off, so I got to also meet there parents. So I got to parent supervision them all from a healthy distance. Talk to your 14yr old and find out ways to make there life happy.

Rande - posted on 02/11/2009




Find out what she really likes to do and find activities to do with 1 or 2 other people her own age that isn't to threatning to her. If she is functioning well in all other parts of her life don't worry to much if she is shy. If she isn't doing well elsewhere in her life then you need to find a counsler for her so she can talk about what's going on. Sometimes it is just feelings of insecurity brought on by being a teenager other times it is more.

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