How to help my 18 year old son who has become addicted to facebook.

Clare - posted on 04/08/2011 ( 4 moms have responded )




He never leaves the house only for school. He dropped all his real friends and only talks to peole on facebook. He is isolated from the real world and my heart is breaking watching this. I can't take his phone as he is 18. Please help.


SWEETBETTY - posted on 04/11/2011




Hi Clare, Sorry to hear that. being that he is 18 and I don't know what city or state you live in, it also depends the Laws on getting proffesional help. But of course you can try. You can also have a different approach to it, like do more activities that involves him..Maybe arcades, movies, something that will catch his attention..You can participate in some and then later on tell him he should invite a friend. If he says something like..but ur gonna be there...then u can say that he and his friends can go out..Little by little he can be less on FB. Try different things and hopefully something will trigger it. Good Luck!


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Jennifer - posted on 04/11/2011




Treat it just like any other addiction and see if he will agree to professional help. An intervention may be helpful. Find someone first to talk about it and get some ideas about how other families have dealt with this.

Louise - posted on 04/10/2011




I have the same with my 17 year old son. he hs cut himself off from the family as he eats and goes upstairs to chat every night. I have talken to him about it but he just says every body does it. I have turned the power off upstairs at times to get his attention. All I can say is try and encourage him to join in more with the family, get a film he wants to watch play board games to include him. My son is very loving but he to is very addicted to this site and there is nothing we can do about it. We can hope that they will get fed up with it and realise there is more to life when the warmer weather comes and they go out more.

Christina - posted on 04/10/2011




Have you considered consulting a child therapist? Perhaps they could give some ideas of where to start. Though he is "18" if he is still living with you, I'm hoping he will respect your rules, or maybe talk to you. How to approach it with him may be delicate, but in the long run it sounds like that could maybe help - or be a starting point.

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