How to put 17 month in own bed.

Billie - posted on 03/31/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son is 17 months old and has slept with me since birth. I bought him a big boy bed for Christmas and would like to get him used to sleeping in it. Any recommendations?


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Terri - posted on 03/31/2009




To get my son to sleep in his bed I did a couple different things at the same time. I bought a bear that was stuffed with rice and you heat it up in the microwave (like a heat pack) and i left it in his crib for a few minutes underneath a shirt I wore a couple hours that day, so he had a smell like me, and a warm place. It took about a month or so of listening to him cry all night about not being with me, but mine was also not as old, so he couldn't get out of bed by himself and come back in. It did work though, and then it got to the point where i didnt need to heat up the bear, and then he didn't need my shirt. I very rarely, maybe one time every three months or so, and then only for nightmares, have an issue with my son staying in his bed. He is 3.

Sara - posted on 03/31/2009




it will be tough for a week but after that it will be so worth it so if your really serious this is what i would do...the first night have him in his bed but put a chair next to his bed and sit there next to him with your hand on his back or hold his hand if you like until he falls asleep then you leave the room if he wakes up dont pick him up just go back and sit in the chair again once he can do that then you move the chair further towards the door about 1 more foot away or so then let him fall asleep and leave repeat this every night for about a week moving your chair further and further every night until its out of the room if you want you can even have it outside the room but where he can still see you as your last step but probobly by then he wont need it anyway i wish you luck and let me know how it turns out feel free to message me personally just in case i dont get back to this conversation to check it out im forgetfull sometimes by the way where are you im in new york my son is 18 months old and his name is mario

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