How to stop your 7yr from sucking her thumb?


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I am a 40 year old mom that sucked her thumb while pregnant!!! I don't do it all the time, I just found it comforted me, and I hadn't sucked my thumb since I was 9! My daughter (4) doesn't! Here's a couple of questions you want to ask...Is it really causing dental issues? Does she do it at times other than "quiet" "sleepy" times? She may just outgrow it. If you do have to get her to stop because of her teeth, there is a "basket' the dentist can put in (I had one) that makes it difficult to suck your thumb. I will say though, thumb suckers are a rare breed...we will find a way!!! My mom tried taping my finger, putting hot sauce, putting an "anti-thumb sucking" lotion, even mittens! School helps, she'll see that most kids don't and may feel intimidated not to. Also, reverse-psychology...don't hassle her, and let her believe SHE is quitting on her own. GOOD LUCK!!! : )

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Put the stuff that you put on your nails to stop you biting them on her thumbnails. It tastes horrible but is harmless and that should deter her from the thumb sucking

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my sister had a problem with this and my parents had her sleep with gloves on and sometimes ointed in hot sauce...not too sure tho

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Try putting a band-aid on her thumbs at night before she goes to bed....Thats the only way I got my daughter so stop

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