I am a single empty nest mom of 4 weeks and I am so depressed. Can anyone help?


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Alice - posted on 02/18/2009




As is the way we just build everything around our children....My daughter left two years ago...You need to prepare yourself for the next phase of your life. Sit down and list all the things you have really wanted to do, and do all that you can! Day by day, week by week it will get easier, I promise. Embrace this tme, it is a re-evalution process. Discover all the other things that make you who you are, you'll  always be a mom, your child will still need you. trust me. But you will be able to enjoy this now and build a wonderful adult relationship with him/her without the responsibilities! (hope this helps!)

Jennifer - posted on 02/17/2009




Have you considered foster parenting or mentoring a teen? If you like younger children talk to your county social services about babysitting in your home.

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