I can't make my son mind, no matter what I try...time out doesn't work, spankings don't help...taking toys away doesn't phase him...what's next?


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Genevieve - posted on 04/10/2009




I suspect he's getting too much attention when he's not listening to you? Bet u repeat yourself over and over then lose it with him? He's testing his boundries and he'll take u as far as those boundries go...if yr giving an entertaining show everytime he wont mind u then he's learning those boundries r at the point where u lose it with him...Best thing to do is..say once, give a warning then follow through. Then do this every single time he needs to listen to you no matter how tired u r or whether it's easier to let him win..doesnt matter what the punishment is as long as its consistant and he knows it will happen everytime he wont listen..then praise him for being good..oh and never smack..its just not the way! :0) hope thats helful...good luck xxx

Chantel - posted on 04/08/2009




Maybe you could try a reward chart or something similar and hopefully he will see that being good is going to get him alot further that being naughty. Find out something he really wants a toy or to go somewhere and work out how many stickers or something he needs to reach that goal and if he is naughty take one away. I'd start of with something small so it can be reached pretty quickly and then he will see the result of being good.

Tanya - posted on 04/08/2009




i take toys away myself but I have learn't that only certain ones matter. You have to find you child's achilies heel. it took me a while to find it with my sons but now i have the ultimate punishment. I think it is individual with each child there has to be something he does not want to have taken away (within reason). also by learning the ultimate punishment I also learn't the ultimate treat. Motivation for the treat can also increase positive behaviour

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