I Feel Like I Am Not Legally Allowed To Help My Son

Jennifer - posted on 12/11/2017 ( 4 moms have responded )




My son's dad and I had our divorce finalized about 5 months ago. He has visitation every other weekend. I do not want to end these visits, but I am genuinely concerned about my son when he goes over there. My son is 7 years old and almost always gets very depressed when it's time to go to his dad's. When he is over there, there is a lot of aggressive fighting between my ex and his family. (Due to an accident, my ex lives with his mother and two younger sisters.) I've always known there was fighting, but didn't realize the extent of it and when I mentioned it to my lawyer during the divorce, he literally did nothing about it. I have recently learned from my son that the fighting becomes so bad that my son becomes very scared and actually goes outside by himself to get away from it. One, the fighting alone could become emotionally damaging, and two, they live in a very secluded and wooded area. I am worried that something could happen to my son while he is outside alone or that he could even potentially run away if the fighting got bad enough. But my ex is legally allowed to see his son, so what do I do? I'm also bothered by the fact that my son doesn't actually spend a whole lot of time with his dad due to his job. Therefore, my son is frequently left with one of his grandparents or aunts. This would not bother me too much if it weren't for the instability and unreliability of them. One day after I picked my son up from his dad's he explained to me that while his dad was at work, his grandma drove him and his two aunts (age 14 and 21) to his grandpa's house while he was not home where she forced all three of them to get out of the car and proceeded to drive away, stranding them all there. My son became very upset and began crying. Since one of the girls was over 18, I didn't know if there was anything I could do about it. I spoke to my ex but he never did anything regarding what had happened. I need to know what I can legally do to help my son. He's depressed, scared, and alone. And I feel my heart break every time I take him over there because I have no idea what he is going to have to go through while he's there. Please, someone tell me what I can do!


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