I have an almost 8yr old boy who wets the bed at least once a week and wets his pants during the day almost everyday. Can anybody help???


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Heather - posted on 03/30/2009




Myy son had the same issue until he was 7 or 8. We as well had gone through some changes in our lives around that time and I just tried to continue being patient with him and not to get upset. But the thing that really helped us get through this was a potty watch you can google the name potty watch and several will pop up. hey have some for toddlers but they also have some that are for older children. You set the watch for 30min up to 2 hour intervals between each alarm (which can be a peep or a vibrate) and it reminds the child to use the restroom. It worked really well. the thing about potty training is that it has to be up to the child to use the restroom when he/she has to because we of course don't know when a child needs to use the restroom until we see them do the dance which is usually to late at that point. So if they contiously pay attention to their bodies when reminded with an alarm they will start to use the restroom regularly on their own. Hope that is of some help good luck

Alexandra - posted on 03/27/2009




schedule an appointment with an urologist. its possibly the same problem as my daugher who is almost 8 as well. very common, its a weak tube leaving the bladder. it can be controlled by meds or just wait until its gets stronger. there's also surgery but thats a little much I would think. we will see about the meds, not too keen on that either. but...I know now it's not laziness or 'she doesnt want to miss anything'. hope that helps ya.

Destiny - posted on 03/27/2009




Hi! My little boy is eight and he had a problem until he was six. I took him to the docotor because I thought he may have a bladder infection because he had accidents all the time. I spoke to other moms about it and I got some good advice. I asked myself some hard questions. Has he experienced anything dramatic? Have we made any major changes that would mess up his routine? I then realized that Yes ... his father and I were having diffuculties AND we moved to Orlando. I believe it was his way of dealing with stress. SO I made certain that I never got angry with him .. I was just very patient. I started talking to him about the issues (moving, new school, family etc) ...and let him discuss it back with me. He got everything off his chest and shortly after it all stopped... no accidents outside the home or inside the home. I hope this helps!

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