I Have trouble putting my baby to sleep can anyone help....PLEASE?


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Jo - posted on 03/29/2009




Give your baby a routine. Same time every night! It helped me to give my son warm milk mixed in with a couple of teaspoons on baby cereal and read him a bed time story. Then just lay him down and let him cry it out if he needed. Sometimes you need to just go to another room and put some music on so you don't have to hear the crying.

Amanda - posted on 03/29/2009




For me my daughter cried for the first 6 months and now she is almost a year... it was getting into a bed time routine!!! Have you tried bathing before bed??? The bath seems to relax her just enough with some Aveeno baby lavender and vanilla bath stuff and then she gets lotioned with the lotion pajamas and i give her her bottle!!! If she doesnt fall asleep before the bottle is gone i will pick her up and sway her back in forth but the bath usually does the work for me!!! But if you give your child a bath every second night then it might not work so well because if I dont give my daughter a bath at the end of the day and i put her to sleep she wakes up quite a few times!!! I hope it helps!!!

Margaret - posted on 03/28/2009




I give my baby girl her milk then sing to her while we rock-a-bye or if that doesn't work, we read a story then rock. She is usually out in 10-15 min.

Bec - posted on 03/28/2009




i second the just let them cry but when they are really upset then go in dont take them out of the cot just settle them and walk out again they will soon enough get the point and wont even bother crying if they wake up in the middle of the night dont give them milk give a bottle of water they will soon stop waking up as they arnt getting the milk anyway

Amy - posted on 03/28/2009




Try wrapping them if you have recently moved baby into a cot it gives them a sense of security, my daughter likes having the little lamp beside the bed on i turn it off when i get into bed, background music they might not like a quiet room hope one of these works i have other ideas both my wee ones were hard to get to sleep at the start you just keep trying to you find something that works goodluck:)

Melissa - posted on 03/27/2009




As awful as it seems, if you lay your baby down and let her/him cry for about 15 min and then if they don't settle down, go in and pat their back and walk out again.  I HAD to do this when my two were little.  It broke my heart and about made me crazy, but after a couple of nights the time was less and less.  My doctor gave me the advice.  I'm all for the bottle BEFORE bedtime, but never in bed, that can cause oral problems now and later on.  If this doesn't help, I would see if maybe there wasn't something medically wrong, talk to your doc, thats what they are their for.  If your dr seems to be to off or acts like you should know all this, find another dr!!!

Danielle - posted on 03/27/2009




the way i get my children to sleep is by giving them a warm drink of milk, a story in bed or a quiet jicsaw before bed this always works for me so lets hope it helps you.

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