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Hello All- Well, in 1 week from Monday I have to leave my little girl at the babysitter and get back to work. I am scared and nervous and excited all at the same time. I do have lots of questions though about how I can start getting prepared to make sure that I have everything ready that she is going to need, so I need your help please. Some questions may be dumb so be kind. Also, I'm a single mom so I am really nervous about leaving her since I have been with her so much anything you can suggest or if you have any tips just let me know. Thank You, Erin #1- My daughter, LilaRay, is a breastfeed baby, how many bags of milk am I going to need to take to the sitter if she is eating every 4 hours? She will be at the sitter from 7:30am to 5:30pm and I should be able to go there for my hour lunch and feed her (or pump if she's already eaten) #2- When I pump my milk, I pump for 10 min (it's a double pump), and I get about 3 oz on each side, so can I assume she is eating 6 oz every 4 hours cause she eats about 10 min on each side? #3- I know that I need to have her diaper bag, extra clothes, extra diapers, bottles, breast milk, pacifiers, wipes, and blankets, what else do I need to make sure the sitter has? #4- I know I'm supposed to pump every 4 hours if I'm away from her, I have 2 15 min breaks that I plan to pump during and I plan to go and feed her or pump during my hour lunch, then she'll get the breast at night, do you think I'll be able to keep up my milk supply? Especially if she is sleeping about 6 hours at night? #5- Should I go get formula in case I don't produce as much milk? #6- How do I tell if I'm not producing enough milk? I am open to any other tips or suggestions about leaving my little one with a sitter while I work.


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Heather - posted on 02/14/2009




#1- I would feed her in the morning before you take her to the babysitters and then count every 4 hours from that then add 1 or 2.  It's always better to have extra just in case.  #2- She is probably getting a little more then that when she is at the breast.  But I would combine those 2 and that should be efficient for when she has to have a bottle.  #3- I also carry gas drops around and the baby tylenol just in case.  It's always good to be one step ahead.  Maybe some diaper rash ointment, you never know when you will need that.  My son still hasn't had a diaper rash but I carry it with me just in case.  And if there is a toy or something she has started to grasp you may want to add that in the diaper bag.  The blanket idea is a really good one too! (A blanket that has your scent for security, below).  #4- Have faith...I think you will be able to keep up your milk supply.  My son usually sleeps about 8 hours at a time at night since he was a month old.  I would wake up very full, I would feed him then pump or vice versa.  Feeding then pumping is better so you know you have enough for her.  By pumping that extra milk, since he was a month and a half, I have been able to stock up in the freezer making it easier to leave him.  Just don't forget to have healthy snacks and drink lots of water while you are away and that will help produce milk.  #5- Getting formula is your choice.  I really don't want my son to have formula so I haven't even thought to buy some.  I think you will find that this is a lot easier once you get a schedule going.  #6- If your milk supply goes down you will be able to tell because your daughter will act like she is still hungry and get frustrated at the breast when nothing more is coming out.  If you think your supply is running low just eat a little bit more and make sure you are staying hydrated.  If you don't eat and drink water your supply will seem to decrease.  I read something somewhere, the quality of your milk won't change but the quanity will so trying to cut back on food to loose weight is a wrong idea!!  TIPS:  Have you tried giving her a bottle yet?  Make sure she is comfortable taking a bottle and better yet a bottle from someone other than mom.  That would make it easier on the babysitter as well.  Also, as soon as you can start practicing your routine, like getting up in the morning and getting her ready as if you have to get her to the babysitters by whatever time.  See how long it takes you and adjust from there.  Just be confident you can do it!  If you want your daughter to have breastmilk then that's what she will get!!  GOOD LUCK!!

Valerie - posted on 02/14/2009




#1 i also breast fed, I would send atleast 3 if not 4 bags of milk each time she goes to the sitter. #2 no, your baby is much better at getting the milk then the pump is, she is more efficient so she is getting more milk each time she feeds then each time you pump. Here is a tip to help you get more milk out when you are pumping, try to pump right after you get out of a hot shower, I'm not sure why but my breastfeeding book told me that it would help more to come out and it worked for me. #3 Pack a thermometer and any kind of medication that you have for her, like gas medicine or anything like that and also any blanket or something that will smell like you will help her to feel safe. #4 Your milk supply will keep itself up, however i would suggest that you pump at night too after she goes to sleep and in the morning or atleast breast feed her in the morning to help with the supply up keep. #5 an emergency bottle of formula is a good idea i always had one for my sitter when i had to go to school, but really as long as you keep up with the feedings and pumping you wont need it. #6 If your daughter seems to still be hungry everytime after getting off the breast that is your first sign. As long as you can get enough milk for the next day dont worry about it and any time you can fit in another pumping session the better you can always freeze the milk and for a very long time too so dont worry if you have more then you need that is a good thing.

My other tips would be to have a sitter you really trust and one that is going to be understanding of you calling alot to check in because believe me you will!

I was working part time and going to school full time at a university when I was breast feeding my daughter and she never had formula, just have faith and if breast milk is what you want her to have then dont give up on it!!

Kristy - posted on 02/13/2009




y dont u try her on formula during the day while ur still at home & breast feed her at night? that way u wont have 2 pump so much during the day once u go back 2 work. u'll wear urself out worrying about ur milk instead of having a break & eating something while ur at work. it wont help her if u end up sick. just relax. does she know the sitter very well? good luck at going back 2 work, u'll find u will treasure ur time with ur girl more now that u r away from her during the day. well thats what i do. i miss my girl when im at work & really enjoy the time i spend with her when i get home.

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