I need help also and advice . I'll try my best to talk fluent iEnglish

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We moved here in norway 1 yr and 7 months now. I have a 8 yr old daughter who told me that my husband( stepfather) touch her private part using his finger on swimming pool. And I confronted him and ask. Bec I need to. Know his side. And I told him that it's important for me as a mother of them that they are open to me no matter it is. So he said that it's not intentionally that it's a misplace hands bec my daughter is struggling on the pool. So I let it pass. After a year in a indoor swimming pool again. I hear again my daughter complaints now he said he did not do it. Bec it's my daughter who wants to keep on asking to him going on a deep part of the pool. I feel really helpless specially here in Norway not easy to be a immigrant I experienced some people are one sided. It feels like we don't have a voice here. I really need advice. I am seeking help bec now I have 10 yrs old baby girl. I don't feel my baby secure to him when I'm in school and him baby sitting. Bec there's once incident that he put a suppository paracetamol in my baby butt without telling me. And not even checking her temperature. I'm really now terrified feels like I look like that it's just me who is frustrated. All I need the safety of my baby and my kids. Please help need advice.


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I would definitely take your daughter's word over his. It takes alot of courage for a little girl to come out and say such thing and you need to make her feel like you're on her side. Do not leave her alone with him. Go to the police and get the authorities involved asap

Elaine - posted on 01/05/2018




Dear Avonoj, I am so sorry for all your pain. I hear how concerned you are for your daughters. While it is hard to know the truth, you do have enough information from your daughter to be concerned. As her Mom, it is up to you to protect her and advocate for her. You might want to talk to your pediatrician and ask for advice. You need the help of a professional. Perhaps you can find a counselor who works with children and have your girls meet with him/her. Once you have a professional involved, you have someone involved who will be sure to protect your children if this is needed. If you belong to a church there, you might also want to talk to your pastor. Your children need your help. If this turns out to be untrue, they still need support as their comments indicate that they are struggling with something. Stay strong. I pray that you can find the truth and help your family.

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