i need ideas for my sons first birthday party..any ideas?


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Bethany - posted on 02/09/2010




For my daughter's first I just rented a pavilion right next to the playground.The kids had fun playing, and we grilled out food( Depending what time of the year, can be VERY cheap!) Made cupcakes, just kept it simple really.

Skye - posted on 02/08/2010




my daughters birthday is comin up in 4 weeks and im going to a swimming center with her and some friends and family, im taking my own food, i just thought of something she liked to do, and its so cheap doing it this way, and it is heaps of fun,xo

Ciara - posted on 02/06/2010




Well since its his first birthday you should go all out with a big birthday party but if your funds are low them you can just buy a cake some balloons and have some family and freinds over.

Kerri - posted on 02/06/2010




My daughter's first birthday last year I went to a Chinese food restraunt. They did not charge for the room only the food we did a lunch buffet I had about 60 people they paid for their drinks and I payed for the food and it came to like $300 with the tip. Which really wasn't a bad deal and I didn't have to worry about prepping food and clean up.

Also, places like Chuck E Cheese will let you do a walk in party which costs basically nothing and then again you don't have to worry about clean up.

Birthday Express is a website if you wanted to do something at your home that has a bunch of first birthday themes and not too expensive. THey have all kinds of characters and choices.

Hope this helps?!

Tamara - posted on 02/06/2010




First birthday is more for the parent :) So just keep it simple. The little party at home w friends and family. Food music and just let the kids play as Lianne said is actually best. To much can be over welming for a small child.

Decoration wise again simple. Light blue and yellow streamers and balloons. Party favors if you do them large enough to not be a choking hazzard; a small stuffed animal that goes w party decorations. Or :) even rubber duckies.

Just concentrat on the fun for him and make sure its after a nap time. Good luck and I hope you enjoy the day :)

[deleted account]

hi, for my daughters first birthday i booked a softplay centre the kids loved it, i only had about 8 children and its cost about £7 per child to play for 2 hours and then have hot/cold food, and then the adults had to buy their own food.

then we had another little party at our house freinds/family came over we just had music, food, the kids played wiv the toys or in the garden.

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