i need ways to make it less stressfull doing everything as a single parent


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Chrissie - posted on 08/08/2009




i am a sigle parent of a 5 4 and 3 year old all girls and the best advice i can give u is to have a really good routine and to get things like clothes and stuff that u know u will need for the next day ready the night before certainly makes the mornings alot easier i usually set out tomoorows clothes in there piles on the sofa put the breakfast bowls and cereal on the table ready for the morning and can get my girls up washed fed and dressed ready to leave within 45 mins in the morning now once u get a little routine going itgets alot easier also if u can prepare tomorrows dinner the night before when kiddys are in bed so all u have to do when ur ready for dinner is switch it on hope it helps

Vaunda - posted on 08/08/2009




What type of work do you do? Are you a student? If you are working, what kind of hours are required? I have been a single parent since my son was 3. He is now almost 15. There are several things you can do to create a less stressful day for yourself and your child. I can tell you that the number one thing I have found to be the very most important in being a single parent is to take a look at your day to day activities and be truthful with yourself about what you can eliminate, what you can farm out to others to free up more time for yourself, and to make sure you know how to tell others NO! It is not selfish to put yourself first. By doing so you give yourself the gift of being able to take care of your child. I get up at 5 every day during the work week on purpose. 2 hours at the beginning of the day are mine. No house work, no job, no phone, my child is still sleeping, it is just me and my cup of coffee. Have you the ability to find someone to watch your child for you while you get the grocery shopping done? My son is at the age now where he loves to be hired to do small jobs of that nature. He gets paid a small fee for his services. It is more cost effective than hiring someone to watch your child full-time. Do you and your child spend time together relaxing...maybe a walk to the local park...or even around the block a few times...when my son was small and fussy I would pop him in the car and go for a drive...he would fall asleep and I would get some much needed quiet...if finances are an issue check with the local Department of Work Force Services as they have resources that have been invaluable to me....Have you thought of joining a local mom's group? They get together on a regular basis and do things together with their children..also swapping child care services for other services works well too...perhaps you have a skill that others would benefit from while they watch your son for you in exchange....Hope this helps...it is all worth it at the end of the day...my son is an amazing human being....

Dawn - posted on 08/08/2009




havent really got an answer but i know how u feel its very hard sometimes but it gets easier as they get older

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