I think he has a CRUSH on me...HELP!!!!!!

Pamela - posted on 02/22/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




I was dating this guy named AARON but it didn't work out. But now,guess what? I have a CRUSH on his best-friend josh. I know the guy "friend" rule, but I really like him! He and I hung out when I broke up with aaron the first time. Then the second time, we hung out all day GOING SHOPPING,
and ended up having dinner, movie and wine together (nothing bad or anything) and we opened up to one another on what we want in a person and we are so compatiable.

I never thought I had a crush on him. He and I went out on a date a LONG time ago, and no sparks were there. We lost touch for a year. Then we found eachother on facebook and he's lost over 180lbs! Josh asked me out, and then wanted me and his friend to go out. I met aaron, we started dating. One night, we all went out to dinner. When I opened the door, I looked at aaron and josh and the first thing that popped into my mind was: "WOW, JOSH LOOKS HOT!!!"
And then I was like..."hold on, your dating aaron, not josh!"

I thought he had a crush on me, because he asked me out before aaron came into the picture, and when aaron and I broke up, we hung out and stuff. When we had that whole day together, It was really great! He made me laugh, and playfully touched me (little punches) and we even rented a move. we rented "couples retreat" of all movies. He and I drank wine, and then after the movie, he and I opened up and talked until 2am! Then he started throwing pillows at me and tickling me.

The next day is like...I kept on thinking about him non-stop! I haven't done that since I dated Jeremy, my first love!!!
So I finally admitted to my mom that I had a crush, and she already knew I did. Mom's know best.

So, here I am, crushing on him....and yesterday, he tells me he got a phone number from this girl and he wants her to hang out with the both of us on wednesday. Part of me is like, whatever. But then part of me is JEALOUS!!!

what should I do? Does he really like me, or is/was the liquor doing it?


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Roxanne - posted on 02/22/2010




I'm sure he's probably interested in you from the sounds of the play fighting ;).
No need to be jealous.. at least its not just the two of them!!
Don't worry about him being ur exes mate.. if u both like eachother enough for it not to bother either of u then u both must like eachother alot!

PS its great having the whole butterfly in your stomach feeling after such a long time isnt it?! =D

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