If anyone knows...cant find the answer anywhere???

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I recently found out i was pregnant. I want to keep it and the father wants me to abort it. He has been harassing me with the ugliest text stating that he hopes i miscarry n other really harsh sentiments. I have no problem not having him there.Q: Can i deny him rights to the child after it is born? Its obvious from all the messages(evidence) that he does not want me to have this baby. Can i keep him from having rights if i never ask for child support or can he request paternity rights by a court order after the baby is born?


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It is very unlikely that you will recieve child support if he does not have visitation rights. If he does not want this child, he will most likely give you full custody, but I guarantee you he will not want to pay support. If you think you need the child support, then supervised visits can also be set up but that will only happen if there is evidence that he is unfit.

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In most states text messages are not considered evidence, instead, tell him if he wants to contact you he must do it through e-mail.

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Keep the text messages as then you've got evidence of his behaviour towards you since you become pregnant. talk to a solicitor about getting child support and his visitation rights. If he's being this nasty before the child is born - then that could raise concerns about future behaviour.

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I agree with Tovah. Save everything and talk to a lawyer to have his paternal rights blocked. Rare is it that you can get child support and prevent the father from seeing your child, but in dire enough situations it should be possible.

Tovah - posted on 02/16/2012




If I were you, I would save all texts from him & see a lawyer.. Show the texts to the lawyer & ask about getting child support without allowing him visitation on the grounds of all the harrassing texts. Depending on where you live you should be able to do something. Good luck.

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