im 19 im currently seperated... Hes not seen his daughter in months.. what am i supposed to do

Crystal - posted on 03/30/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




he constantly accuses me of being this horrible person. well if im so bad why am i the only 1 taking care of this child? why did he still marry me if im so bad? so i guess im asking for advice on what to do with my broke down baby daddy


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Kerry - posted on 03/30/2010




im not married never hav been but im telling you to be strong for yourself and for your child because it wil have the affect on your child. thats one two kick the babies daddy in to touch tel him your not having the abuse off him he iver changes his ways and start being a dad you need him to step up get the bonned if not kick his ars out and show him what hes going to loose. i am a single mother yes its hard but i have be come stronger for myself and my child and it is the best bonned ive ever had in my life and i would do it again there are places to go people to speek to etc... good luck but you dont need a man to put you down your doing wel carry on

Chatara - posted on 03/30/2010




gurl dnt worry bout him its about you and that lil gurl you got.... one day he is gonna want to see her >>>>>> listen mi baby daddy is a dead bet okay my son is 5 and haven seen him did nothing for him but i learned that just have to wrk a liltte header!!! for my son i ant worried no nigga

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