Im a single Mom to a 2yr old.and im about to go through a battle of custody in court!

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I will try to make this as short as the story can get..Im now a single mom to a beautiful 2yr old boy...I was with the father when i was pregnant all the way up to when my son was about 1 1/2 yrs old. Me and the dad were having all kinds of problem fighting constanly etc. after i had Elijah i was at my last straw with him(the dad) and having my son be around us fighting and me being "the misreable mommy" was not fair for him at all!my parents bought me a ticket down to Orlando fl. where the live for christmas break. We left dec 16th 2009 and i brought one suitecase and a little suite case for Elijah was not in anyway shape or form planning on staying down here i even left a note on our fridge back at home "Eli will miss you! be back in 2weeks!" but the more i thought of going back to Cincinnati i would get sick to my stomache thinking of all the stuff we were going through. So i ended up staying down here with our son..his dad knew i couldnt stand being up there anymore i had absouletly no one up there! and it wasnt fair for our son anymore his parents constanly going at it.So me and the dad still talked everyday so he could hear his sons voice see whats going on with him..he even told me i cant change your mind on things and he said he accepted it. In feb. he told me he will be making a trip down here for Elijahs 2nd birthday on March 19th told me this since feb. he kept saying i cant wait to see my boy! and i have everything ready enterprise, hotel the whole shabang! he even told me when his plane was landing!(march 18th at 10:00am.)!!! on march 15th i got court papers in the mail for custody out of no where (he was tricking me over the phone, sweet talking me and getting along great with me) the same day i had this gut feeling to call his work which i hadnt the whole i have been down here, his boss answers i asked if the dad was available to talk he said no hes left for the night.. and i said so "the dad"( dont want to say his name)is going to be on vacation starting thrusday huh? he said umm no hes on the schedule the rest of the week im sorry i have no idea what ur talking about.I said ok thank you. Called the dad right away and said ok so i got court papers in the mail( i wasnt going to tell him that i got the court papers in the mail till so i thought when he was coming down for his sons birthday) and ur not coming down for ur sons birthday wow to slaps in the face...this guy works 6nights aweek and hes trying to get custody?! theres a little more too it. and he likes to threaten me about how he will get custody and hes going tostart working days "for his boy" he says..etc etc i cant stand him and i dont trust him for NOTHING! and i dont want my son around him at all as harsh as that sounds. It makes my stomache turn upside down even thinking he would get custody or even have him during summers! omg can someone make me feel a little better or have any advice? my story is a little long sorry. I just need to know theres light to this!! and that he will not get full custody!!


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Well, I'm no expert, but from what I've read, he would have to prove that you are an unfit mother and also prove that your son being with him would be safer. It seems that a lot of "men" use suing for custody to scare us, because they know that a mother would do anything to be with, and protect her child. A lot of other mothers have said document, document, document. Document any phone calls, letters, or any kind of contact that you have so that when you go to court you have a strong case as to why you should have sole custody of your son. (I assume you want sole custody.) Have you sought legal advice? I know there are some cheap/free lawyer services, you just have to look.

I feel the same way you feel, it's hard for me to imagine my daughter going with her father, because he was all talk too; I think they do it to boost their own ego. I know that may not have made you feel as good as you may have wanted, but I look at it this way, if I get full custody, I can control days, times, and how much contact she has with him.

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