Inappropriate Touching by teacher

Lorac - posted on 08/29/2017 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 10 year old daughter came to me the other night and told me and demonstrated how her male teacher touched her (slow rub on back of neck) that day. It even made ME uncomfortable when she demonstrated on my neck. So I told my friend (who works for a different school) and she suggested I go to the Principle first thing in the morning. I did so. As soon as I told her what I just stated here, she said "Oh yeah we've had complaints before, he's a "Touchy-Feely" guy" . She said she would talk to my daughter and let her know nobody is allowed to touch her if she feels uncomfortable. That night at 4pm I went to pick up daughter at aftercare, and Teacher was waiting for me. Cornered me before I even got through the door! Tried to explain himself to me that he was "Just comforting" my daughter. He said "If you don't want me to touch her I won't." I said "I appreciate that- you can comfort her WITHOUT touching her". Fast forward on Monday I go back in first thing and she hadn't talked to my daughter yet. She did later that morning. I picked her up around 3:30 and daughter told me after talking with principle, she got back to class - teacher said "What did you guys talk about"?
That raised another red flag to me. He's cornering me alone trying to explain himself AND asking my 10 year old what she talked about with the principle?
So I go in again this morning I tell the principle AND show her the video of my daughter telling me what happened the day before.
Well she (principle) changed her story about this teacher getting complaints. Now she said she did NOT say that, when she most certainly did. I even told my friend exactly what she told me about his previous 2 warnings and the 3rd complaint would go On public record.
Principle pulled teacher out of class today and another teacher is filling in while this gets resolved.
Any suggestions?


Shenequa - posted on 08/31/2017




You listened to your daughter, you reported the incident to the principle, you spoke to your daughter, you did everything right. I don’t know if I would feel comfortable with my daughter in that class anymore if he comes back so I think trying to determine whether your daughter stays in that class or not would be the next step to think about if that teacher returns to the classroom. Continue to talk to your daughter about inappropriate touching and stay close to the situation since it seems the Principle is looking out for her best interests and not the child’s.

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