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Tara - posted on 09/11/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




Hello Ladies!
I posted this in another group and didn't get any responses so I figured I would try this group.
I am trying to give us mom's some fun stuff to write about, so I figured we would write about the birth of our children. I know I have a couple of good stories' My two sons births were text book and uneventful, but my girls births were a little more interesting.
Theodosia is my 3rd child when I was pregnant with her my sons were 7yrs old and 3yrs old. Her dad was out of town so I was home alone with the boys and it was midnight on the nose when I got the first contraction and it was a hard one. I waited a little and then noticed that they were only 7mins apart, so I called my boys Uncle since he lived the closest to come and get the boys and take me to the hospital. by the time he got to my house my contractions were 1min apart so we were speeding to the hospital of course a cop pulled us over and saw I was ready to give birth and escorted us to the ER. I no sooner got up to the birth floor and was still sitting in the wheelchair when my daughter crowned. The doctor took off my sweats and yelled OH SHIT!!! Then started calling out all kinds of codes to the nurses and I started to push.There she was 1hr and 5min after the first contraction while I was still in the wheelchair weighing in at 7lbs 10oz!!

Annaliese is my fourth and last baby the apartment we were living in at the time was in a real bad neighborhood, and most of the apartment building was drug houses. It was about 3am and we heard the DEA and SWAT kicking in doors of all the dealers apartments. It was then that my water broke and I started having contractions, so we started to head down the stairs and the police yelled at us to go back inside so of course I was in pain and very rudely told him get the F*#@ out my way or he can add a delivery to his report for the He panicked and led us downstairs as we walk out all of the dealers were lined up outside waiting to be put in the wagons yelling CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! so they had us pull the car behind the last wagon and we were led by 4 cruisers, 3 motorcycles, and 3 Paddy Wagons sirens blaring all the way to the hospital. All 3 of the other kids were in the backseat and the boys were jumping up and down saying this is sooooo cool!!! I got a great gift basket sent to me from The DEA and SWAT!!!

So lets hear those stories ladies it could be fun! Have a great day everyone!


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Kimberley Deane - posted on 09/26/2010




I had an AWFUL pregnancy with my baby girl. I was sick ALL the time. I was constantly in the hospital and I was absolutely huge! At 20 weeks I looked term! 4 days past my due date, on the Sunday, I noticed that she hadn't kicked all day, so we all nipped into the A&E just to be sure. They popped a monitor around my enormous belly to listen to her heart. Looking at it they said she was in trouble, but not too seriously and not to worry they would keep me in to keep their eye on us. She looked at the reading again and told us to wait a minute. A few seconds later a doctor came in and looked at the reading. He said how long have you been having contractions? I said what contractions?? He said that according to my reading I was having regular contractions every 3 minutes. I had no clue, so he proceeded to do an internal examination, I was 4cm dilated! I hadn't felt a thing. So they said I was in a slow labour, and booked me into a room, saying if nothing happened by Wednesday they would induce me.
Well nothing changed and on the Wednesday they said they were too busy with other deliveries to induce me, and would have to wait until the following day. That was fine with me as Chloe's heart rate was stable again, I was still having these regular contractions and progressing slowly with no pain what so ever!
Early hours Thursday morning I woke up with a little back ache and asked for a couple of paracetamol, then went back to sleep. A few hours later they came to induce me and told me I was 6cm dilated now. Wow, slow I thought. The doctor asked me if I had had any pain relief and I said just some paracetamol but I was ok. He looked at me as if I was mad! He said can you walk? I said yeah of course I can! Apparently my daughter was laid back to back with me and was putting a lot of pressure on my spine and at the same time she was so low in my pelvis most women would be screaming as she was slowly pushing on my pelvis. I just said oh.... right.....
The Saturday morning I still only had paracetamol and was still ok, I was in a little more pain though because of being induced to speed the process up. They were still monitoring her heart rare and said she was in serious trouble and needed to do a C-section. I was terrified as they put in the Epidural and was preparing me to go down to theatre. Once the Epidural was in they put the monitor back on and the next thing I knew they said it was too late. They had to get her out NOW! I was terrified and so was my ex! So instead of taking me down to the theatre they said I had to have the forceps! They cut me and inserted the forceps and within 8minute Chloe was out! weighing 8lb 8oz!
After that they didn't pass her to me, I started to cry and to fall asleep at the same time. All I remember is that there were a lot of alarms going off around me and looking down to see blood all on the opposite wall up to the ceiling and 9 doctors came running in the room. Apparently, I haemorrhaged. We're both fine now. She's now 18months old and so funny!
I'd do it a million times over for her! And can't wait to have more babies!

Jamie - posted on 09/12/2010




I have one daughter who is almost 3 now. I actually had a WONDERFUL pregnancy which was very shocking to me. I was sooo scared. You always see people on tv having babies and they are screaming their head off, lol. But I ended up having to have a c-section due to my baby being breech. I went for a check up at 30 weeks and was actually having contractions and didn't even know it. I didn't even understand what a contraction was b/c I felt no pain what so ever! My water ended up breaking at 37 weeks and went to the hospital to have the c-section and still hadn't felt one bit of pain through out the whole pregnancy. They told me I wouldn't be able to get out of bed for about 3 days, but I was up the next day walking. I had a very quick recovery. I am so thankful to have had such a wonderful pregnancy but I try not to brag about that too much b/c I know it probably won't be so easy the next time!

Toni - posted on 09/12/2010




i was 7 days late when i went for a sweep and that night i lost my plug but nothing else happened so i rang the hospital and they said on in the next day and get another sweep so i didnt think anything had worked.
me and my ex had a friend over to watch a boxing match and i was making a cup of tea and my waters broke but nothing happened lol. i went top the hospital and said come in on the sunday and we will induce you.
so i went in to get induced but i could as there wasnt enough midwives a 11 other women were giving birth. all them screams were scary lol
so i got induced on the monday morning at 9 am and went for somthing to eat at the cafe and i was walking back and my contractions started and omg so painful. got back tot the room and the midwife said she couldnt do anything as i wants dialated that much so i went on the ball - that did bugger all so i went in the bath this was great but still in alto of pain they told me to get out of the bath at half 2 so they could examine me and i was 4 cm dialated and they gave me a drug to speed up my contractions which worked and was now on gas and air - this stuff is fantastic. they couldnt pick up my contractions so they decided to move me rooms at 6 oclock which was not good as soon as the mooved me room my contractions were getting way to strong so they decided i have am epidural so they examined me again and the doctor said " oooppppsss to late you 9cm dailated" the babys coming so they said i needed to start pushing but i was sooo tired from the pain all day that i couldnt but my babys heart rate dropped so they had to cut me and use the vontuse to get her out. while all of this was happening i was shouting and swearing. then my gawjus baby girl came in to the world at 19:08 and she was beautiful but purple.
so all the pain and 10 days late she had arrived :-) best thing that has ever happened to me x

Courtney - posted on 09/11/2010




I'm not sure how interesting mine is, but I'll go...

So, I had back labor for most of the day (basically like a recurring back ache that got worse and worse through the day.) Went to the hospital. They checked, said my daughter was 100% effaced, but I was at 0 station. So I always say, she was knocking on the door, but the door just wasn't ready to open. A few more hours of labor, 3 doses of petosin, and several manual attempts to open my cervix (which is a horrible, horrible experience that didn't work anyway), they resigned to the fact that I'd need a C-section. I was still at 0... 15 minutes later, the doctor comes in to check one last time before they take me to prep for the c-section. Reaches in and goes "oh my God!" I'm thinking, that can't be a good thing. She says,"you're fully dialated, guess it's time to deliver" So, doctor goes out to get prepped, nurse comes in and says, "pushing can take a while, let's see how well you can push." I push once, basically, half a push and she screams "WAIT! Just hold it!" because my daughter had crowned. Doctor comes in, says "let's just see how well you can push" I push another half-push, and her whole head comes out. Doctor screams "Holy SH*T! Just hold it! I need to get gloves on!" All I can think is, why'd you come in the room without gloves on in the first place???? So, 2 more pushes and she was out...

So, that's my "interesting" story...

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