Is there an easy way to ween my son, he's 19 months old now


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Samantha - posted on 05/16/2009




hi, i had the same problem with my daughter. she was on baby food three times a day and bottles about 4 times. she was 20 months. i took away the day time bottles and gave her juice in a bottle in stead, i gave her warm milk in the morning and at night (i still do). as for the food, i now give her what we have. i found she always ate bread and butter. i know it sounds mean but i give her that quite a lot. she has it with every meal and if she eats nothing else i know shes not starving.

find something - anything he likes and offer it to him with your meal. start having regular meals at regular times and it shouldnt be too hard. he may like the bottles i wouldnt push that too much (i know health visitors say you must take the bottle away but its easy for them to say that).

my daughters 22 months now and doesnt eat what id call well, but she eats and if she asks for a buiscite then i give her bread and butter. lol.

good luck and dont be too hard on your self. if he looks healthy then he is.


Jane - posted on 05/16/2009




Take one bottle/breast feeding away at a time. Start with the one that is the least important and work from there. I took one away a week.

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